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This project is a installation by using screw:) for DESIGN EAST 05 CAMP in Hamamatsu held in multi-story parking lot in Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka.
Being devoted to survival as its main theme, installation, presentation, and live event had been held in unique space.
My project named 36445+1screw:) is participatory installation in which visitors were looking for one smiley screw out of 36446 screws.

Hamamatsu is famous as industrial city, where one of the best car, motor bike, and instruments maker locates its headquarter.
The number of installed screws, 36445, is same number as officially registered business institutions or companies located in Hamamatsu city.  I used screws that literally support secondary manufacturing to present a symbol of Hamamatsu city's manufacturing.

Those are all-too-common and ordinal screws for which people usually don't pay attention. However, due to both its amazingly huge volume of screws lying in front of visitors and a simple but intrigued clue that there is only one smiley screw in the bunch of screws, people who visit were fascinated with finding out just a piece of smiley screw out of 36446 screws.Visitors unconsciously spent time to look for smiley screw, and all of them delighted when someone finally picked up smiley screw from tons of ordinal screws.

Design Release Date : 08/2014
Art Direction / Design : Yuma Kano
Material : 36445 Screws, Wood
Size : W5460×D30×H910mm
Client : -
Exhibition : DESIGN EAST 05
Photo : Satoru Ikegami, Haruka Aoki (event venue)
Video : Meitei Yamada
Special Thanks : Komuro Industry