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Dr.Furniture #07-12

Dr.Furniture #07-12

It’s common to see furniture dumped on the street for disposal.
However if you look close, they are only slightly damaged or they have been dumped just because the design is old.
In Japan, almost 200 tons of furniture is wasted in a year, meanwhile brand-new furniture is produced and delivered to a market everyday.

This is the project to give life-sustaining treatment to the furniture nearing death by Dr. Furniture.
In the process, the furniture is given the new body (frame) to the original arms or legs, and it is born again with a distinctive character.Scratches on a surface of original parts illustrate personal memory of the past.

Through this project, dumped furniture gets a new value, and I reconsider what the value of things is.

Design Release Date : 11/2014
Design : Yuma Kano
Material : Plywood , Used Furniture
Paint finishing : OSMO Wood Wax Finish / Extra Clear
Client : -
Exhibition : Final project "conception from Z" in Tokyo Zokei Univ.
Photo : Satoru Ikegami