studio yumakano


This is a collaborative project with Komuro Seisakusho, a screw factory in East Osaka, Japan.
Ever since its invention, the screw hasn’t changed its style and function.Actually it’s never needed to change at all.Screws are used everywhere but are easily overlooked. This time, I focused on them.
Not only can it be used as a tool, but by adding the joy of discovery, the concept of the design is the enjoyment of sharing the joy of discovering small surprises with others.Imagine the smile on the face of a person when they discover a screw, and then imagine a place where someone would use a screw.
The screw is more than just an ordinary screw; it is a product that can bring joy.To move people’s emotion is another important function of the simple screw.

East Osaka is region where is well known for its highly qualified manufacturing because of the existence of  the plenty of Small and Medium enterprises with technological strength.This factory produces various kinds of screws, and the burst size of which reaches almost seven hundred million in a year.
I was trying to give expression and emotion to the ordinary screw, which could be an irony to the mass-produced goods like screws.Smiley is an universal icon that could make people delightful.